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Need Help Recovering from a Chronic Illness?

What We Treat

Welcome to Restore BioClinic

Restore BioClinic is a non-residential destination clinic created by Dr. Vosloo, offering both intensive treatment and day clinic services for people suffering from chronic illnesses. When nothing else works, we can help you get to the root of your problem and collaborate on a treatment that works for you.

We address and remove the problems that are keeping you sick. By addressing the obstacles that prevent other treatments from working, we help your body learn to self-regulate. If you have not responded to other treatments, changing your diet, changing your environment, or other approaches, Restore BioClinic is the place for you.

We Treat:

Lyme Disease
Mold Exposure
Cognitive Disorders

Other Services

Cell Membrane Therapy
IV Therapies
Neural therapy

Kick start your health

We use precise lab testing to create a customized plan for you

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Doctor Spotlight


Dr. Vosloo

Dr. Werner Vosloo is a Naturopathic and Homeopathic Physician who focuses on and has a passion for helping people with chronic conditions heal through the use of natural and integrated medicine.

About the BioClinic

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An investment and life enhancing towards my health!

The business model for care during treatment is amazing and worth the investment. Unlike traditional models, having access to the doctor provides additional opportunities to enhance treatment.Coming to St. George, UT provided a healing type setting where your treatment is the primary concern. Outside distractions are reduced significantly.

Restore Bio Clinic was very life enhancing and quite possibly a life saving experience for me. Dr. Vosloo took the time to provide an exceptional immune building treatment plan that coincided with my cancer treatment program. When I arrived at the clinic I had been given less than 6 months to live. At this pace I will not only surpass 6 months but plan on many more years!

Thank you!

Kelly D.

Heal inside the clinic and outside visiting state parks

I received excellent treatment at Restore BioClinic. I have increased body regulation, less brain fog and clearer thinking, and decreased headache and head pressure.

I would tell others to come with an open mind and positive attitude about treatment. Enjoy the treatment and atmosphere but also heal outside the office by visiting state parks and beautiful weather.

Aaron S.


Dr. Vosloo is attentive and generous with his time. He makes sure to sit down with you one-on-one if needed, and he is VERY knowledgeable and will walk you through everything. The entire staff was helpful, caring, and fun! The environment is healing and overall life-changing. My fight/flight symptoms have calmed down, I’m happier, and have a clear mindset. Overall my experience was excellent!

Mandy H.

Restore BioClinic helped tremendously with my symptoms from Lyme

“The mindful attention to detail and personalized support from all the highly skilled professionals was reassuring. The collaborative atmosphere and concurrently diligent protocol following were conducive to a harmonious balance that allowed for my stay to be productive. I was never promised any results and such ethical behavior on behalf of the clinic’s leadership was refreshing. Happily, I have actually felt better while at the clinic and now at home. Without a doubt, I encourage people from all walks of life in all sorts of circumstances to experience for themselves what I consider to have been a fruitful stay. There’s no need to be sick to improve our quality of life. I believe this clinic provides such a setting.”

Yeisie M.

Dr. Vosloo is awesome and so compassionate

The treatment I received was excellent. I’ve had relief from the following symptoms: insomnia, numbness and tingling, and anxiety.

Dr. Vosloo is awesome and so compassionate. Your worry ends here; leave the healing to him. You’re in the best place you could be.

Alissa S.

This is game changing

The top symptoms that have improved for me are: feeling more alert, better energy, and better confidence that I’m on a path forward. I would tell other patients that this is game-changing. This will save you money and give you or a loved one’s life back.

Trust Dr. Vosloo. It is well worth the time and money. This is a unique healing environment that will change your view on medicine. The whole team is amazing…including Max!

Greg W.

My body is stronger then before treatment

I was very excited to start treatment in Southern Utah, being from Oregon it isn’t the best environment for my mold symptoms.

This treatment helped strengthen my body and reduce my symptoms of burning, fatigue and a metallic taste in my mouth. The staff is very nice and attentive with my needs. My experience was excellent!

Julie N.

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