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Clinic Services


We offer the following services outside of our intensive treatment.

These services are for those whose needs do not require an intensive program but would like to be proactive in the prevention and treatment of their symptoms.


Dr. Vosloo consults with patients that have a variety of chronic illnesses from Lyme disease and fibromyalgia to chronic fatigue syndrome and mold illness. He will get to the root of your health issue and collaborate with you on a plan of care that works for you.

Dr. Vosloo’s approach is unique. The treatments he uses are not a band-aid. Instead of masking symptoms, he gets to the root cause of your health issues. He creates a treatment plan customized for you using the latest research and information about how DNA and epigenetics affect the way the body functions.

IV Therapies

  • Major Autohemotherapy (MAH)/ Ozone
  • Detox IVs
  • Iron
  • Macular Degeneration IVs
  • Vitamin C
  • Other Vitamin and Minerals
  • Phospholipid Therapies

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Colonics have a number of other names: colon hydrotherapy, colon irrigation, and colon cleansing. All terms describe a procedure where water is introduced into the colon to flush out the colon and to aid with detoxification. Water is able to travel farther into the colon using a colonic than any other method. It will help to dislodge toxins that have been building up in your colon and encourages the liver and whole digestive tract to release these toxins. This procedure usually takes under an hour. Our colon hydro-therapists will do everything they can to make it a comfortable experience by providing individual care and attention based on your needs. Colonics are great when coupled with some of our other detox treatments.

Other Treatment

  • Neural therapy – this is a treatment where a numbing agent is injected in areas throughout the body, depending on the need, to stimulate the nervous system. It is often used to reboot your lymphatic system but can also be used for pain and to support a variety of body systems.